When And Where Was This Photo Taken

How often do you see yourself wondering when or where was the photo taken? Today we added a way for you to store and edit that information for every single photo you upload to Photry cloud backup storage.

You added dates to photos? Really?

I know, that doesn't sound much. However, before today all the photos in Photry included only the upload date. Now looking back at it I have to admit that this was a bad decision from our side. Fortunately one of our awesome users let us know that she would love to change the date on a photo as well and that's how the snowball got rolling.

Now, not only do we extract the date automatically from the photos you upload, we also allow you to modify the date and time if you choose to do so. That's especially helpful if you've scanned some photos that doesn't include the date information by default.

Didn't you have locations set before?

We sure did, if the photo happened to be shot with iPhone or any other smartphone that included GPS data with the photos. Obviously, that wasn't enough for us.

That's why we wanted to add even a better way to choose where the photo was taken. Just go to your Photry account, upload some photos and hit the "location" icon you see when hovering over the photo. Then just choose a location on the map and voila - you've successfully added a location data to your photo.

What's next?

Next up is one of the features we feel very strongly about - workspaces. In few weeks time you'll be able to share your Photry cloud storage space with your family or friends. It's really awesome that they don't need to pay for the storage space you give them but they will be able to use all the Photry features that you can. More about that in few weeks time.

Is there anything else you would like to see added?

If you want to see any new feature added or find something that doesn't work exactly as you would imagine then just let us know at support@photry.com and we'll get back to you very soon.

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